How to Take Great Landscape Photos

Landscape photography is a challenging but satisfying hobby. Anyone can point their camera at a wide open space and snap a quick photograph, but capturing a scene in a way that would be worthy of a place in a tourist brochure or set of illustrated maps or as a print for the wall of your home, requires particular skill.
Here are a few tips to help you capture the perfect landscape photo.

Landscape Photo Illustration

Landscape Photo Illustration

Use a high depth of field

Choose a small aperture setting to get the highest possible depth of field. This will ensure that you have as high a depth of field as possible, keeping as much of the shot in focus as possible. When you use a small aperture setting, less light passes through the lens, so you will either have to increase the ISO setting or lengthen your shutter speed in order to compensate.

Always Use a Tripod

When you use a long shutter speed, the camera becomes incredibly sensitive to movement. To prevent your shots from becoming blurry and out of focus, set a tripod on solid ground and do not let the camera move at all while a shot is being taken.

Frame the Shot Carefully

Landscape photography
Choose a focal point for the shot, and try to have some sort of framing around it so that there is something for the eye to look at. A shot that has no focal point looks barren and empty, and a shot that is too busy looks cluttered – neither of those are desirable.
Take a look at some of your favorite illustrations. There is a good chance that there is one object that the eye is drawn to – that may be the sun, a mountain, a tree, or even a brightly colored beach ball on an otherwise plain beach (like it happens sometimes on posters). Practice picking out objects to focus on, and hone your craft until you can capture the perfect shot.

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