3D Photography – The Ultimate in Realism

3D televisions and computer monitors are finally becoming affordable for the average homeowner, but 3D photography is still not something that is being explored in the mainstream. If you’d like to experiment with taking photos in 3D, check out these tips that will help you make realistic, exciting images for viewing in a 3D player.

Learn to Think in 3D

3D photo illustration example

3D photo illustration example

Before you can create good 3D photos for your portfolio, you need to learn to think in 3D. Looking at 3D Maps can really help. If you take a photo of a static painting or flat object, it won’t look very impressive in 3D unless you add something else to the scene to create a feeling of depth. Sculptures, buildings and people, however, are 3D no matter what angle you use for the shot.

Use the Foreground and Background

3D photo

3D photo

It is important in Macro Photography and Illustration too. But for an effective panoramic 3D image, you need to use the whole scene. Soft-focus backgrounds that look great in 2D illustrations do not work for 3D photography. Make sure that there are things in-focus in both the foreground and background of the scene so that it looks good in 3D.

Keep the Scene Clean

If you have a strong focal point in mind, make sure that it stands out in the image. It’s OK to add other elements to the image for perspective, but do not clutter the image with busy backgrounds or objects that are on top of or very close to each other. Sometimes these objects mess up the scene and end up looking like they are at different depths after the conversion to 3D.
Successful 3D photography takes practice, but when it works well the results can be mind-blowing. Take lots of shots from different angles and experiment until you figure out what works best for your audience.

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